Here what clients have to say about A Kind of Magic Massage!

5/18/19 - I highly recommend A Kind of Magic Massage. After months of physical therapy and not seeing significant change, I thought I'd give massage a try and it was the best decision. Cybele works magic! Very beneficial! I went from going once a week to every 2 weeks. I am about to buy my 3rd 10 pack! It's now a part of my health regimen! - Deborah K.


5/3/19 - I have had nothing but the best experiences with Cybele. She is truly skilled at what she does. I have purchased two packages as a result of her excellent massages! - Diane B.

4/23/19 - Cybele works her magic! Her massages are now part of my health plan as it has helped so much with my medical issues - Kathy W.

4/14/19 - Cybele knows her stuff - the massage was great, during and after. She also happens to be a lovely person. Highly recommend - Eve H.

4/13/19 - Great massage very nice surroundings - Lynn H.

4/9/19 - Had Craniosacral. Very nice experience, felt relaxed at and after procedure; would do it again - John D.

2/9/19 - I loveee it!!! Cybele is an excellent person, great service I definitely recommend to everyone!!! - Yenia Q.

2/1/19 - Magical - Cybele is extremely professional and has perfected her art - soothing touch, artistic approach & a warm and inviting ambiance - unforgettable experience - Joan S.

1/27/19 - Lovely, professional, relaxing massage - Jody P.

1/11/19 - Cybele has magic hands! It felt so good - Noriko W.

1/8/19 - Wonderful experience. Everything I expected and needed. She is really attuned to the body and how it should respond. -  Joan C.

12/9/18 -  I had one hour of foot reflexology and hand massage. First time I was here. Very nice roomy and cozy room and Cybele was very good in relieving my issues in my feet and hands (arthritis). I would recommend one of the multi-packs she offers for regular visits. - MaryAnn K.

10/31/18 -  Very professional and knowledgable - Joseph A.

10/26/18 -  Simply great! Relaxing very professional - Alex E.

7/16/18 -  READ THIS & then BOOK A SESSION with Cybele ASAP. OMG, what an AMAZING one hour session with her. I was so relaxed that it actually felt like I was there longer than an hour. Cybele is an absolutely lovely person and an amazing Massage Therapist. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her new office is so conveniently located on Wheeler Avenue in Pleasantville. It's a lovely room, spacious, peace-filled, beautiful. You will want to come about 10 minutes early so you can fill out a short one-page intake form. Cybele read mine and we discussed what would be best to focus on. She really takes what you need into account. You can change behind a privacy screen. There's water if you need. Cybele also asked if I'd like to have an essential oil added to my massage lotion. I chose, "Happiness", and it was wonderful. She started right away on the area of my main issues and went from there. Oh, on the form, she also asks if it's okay to touch your head and/or feet. I said, "Yes" to the head, but, "No" to the feet otherwise we'd have a laughing session as I'm extremely ticklish there. I just thought that was so cool because I'd never been asked that as far as I can remember. I also have to say that the moment I stepped in the room I felt at peace and the moment I met her I knew I was going to have a great session. I'm going back!!! Thank you, Cybele - Dawn M. E.

4/10/18 - I loved my reflexology treatment with Cybele, who I found to be very knowledgable and caring. It was SO relaxing and enjoyable... it was hard not to doze off... just what the doctor ordered to help my high blood pressure and peri-menopausal symptoms. I loved it so much, I decided to really treat myself and bought a 10-pack. I can't wait to try a full body massage, craniosacral therapy and maybe some of the other types of massages that Cybele offers. Hightly recommended!! I can't say enough good things about the whole experience. - Jennifer L.

4/3/18 - Thanks for your reflexology talent and expertise. Your use of hot stones was an unexpected, but highly appreciated treat! - Judith C.

3/27/18 - So happy I found Cybele at A Kind of Magic Massage Therapy. I purchased a 3 pack for the second time because it's such a great deal. Cybele is a great person who makes you comfortable and gives a great massage. You won't be disappointed. - Rachele K.

3/16/18 - Cybele's massage was amazing! I was so relaxed and it was a great start to a work day. I will definitely be using her services again!! - Britt D.

1/22/18 - Amazing. Snores while having the massage and that's when you know it's the best massage. Coming back again. Bought a package fore three more times. So relaxed. Thank you very much. - Anila P.

8/12/17 - A Kind of Magic is magical! Cybele is competent, compassionate, responsive, and a true professional who genuinely cares about your health and well being! - Darryl S.

6/27/17 - I had Reiki treatment done by Cybele and got the best! Feeling refreshed and rejuvenated and can't wait to go back. Her calmness and gentle touch feel very therapeutic. Loved the Reiki with Cybele. Thank you! - Maria M.

6/4/17 - One of the best massages I have gotten - Carolyn M. 

6/3/17 - It was amazing, I did reflexology and my sciatica pain disappeared. I'm so happy. I recommend Cybele! - Dinalva A. 

3/23/17 - I've gotten a lot of massages, but I think that Cybele is the best. Every time I go see her she gives me a great massage. Just booked for my next two massages in April and in May. - Sharon G.

3/7/17 - Wanted to give a shout out to Cybele of A Kind of Magic Massage Therapy in Valhalla. Had the best massage ever! Hot stone, perfect pressure... most relaxing. Will certainly be back - Ronnie M. 

12/22/16 - It was a wonderful experience - Rachel N. 

12/16/16 - What an amazing experience. Cybele had amazing hands and just the amount of pressure to get those tricky knots out. Will be referring A Kind of Magic Massage and coming back again. - Adrian R. 

12/15/16 - Both my husband and I are big fans of Cybele and her amazing healing massages. Never in my life have I made a monthly massage a priority, but after a few sessions with her, I was convinced! She is intuitive and responsive and has so much knowledge. Highly recommend her! - Amy & Charlie C. 

12/15/16 - A trip to "A Kind of Magic Massage Therapy" is like a mini-spa to me. As soon as I step into the calming studio, I relax. Cybele gives fantastic massages and includes extras like aromatherapy and hot rocks at no extra cost. She is always generous and accommodating and an expert in many therapeutic techniques. I recommend Cybele highly to all my friends. - Julie D.

12/1/16 -  I experienced this craniosacral "therapy" like not any other before... so relaxing and it definitely improved my well-being. I was experiencing neck stiffness and tight upper back muscles for some time but I saw big improvements after only the second session. Unbelievable! Thanks, Vysaul 

11/15/16 - A trip to "A Kind of Magic Massage Therapy" is like a mini-spa to me. As soon as I step in the calming studio, I relax. Cybele gives fantastic massages and includes extras like aromatherapy and hot stones at no extra cost. She is always generous and accommodating, and an expert in many therapeutic techniques. I recommend Cybele highly to all my friends! - Julie D. 

7/30/16 - Very good massage. Location was a little hard to find, but very nice and loved the beach decor. - Irene D. 

6/26/16 - 2 weeks ago I fell and majorly got injured -- painful to walk, sit, stand, even lay down. I have seen several chiropractors, massage therapists and even tried accupuncture these past few days, only to conclude that I was going to need surgery in order to heal me. With the last bit of hope, I booked my massage, which she scheduled for me the next afternoon. We discussed my issue and she explained to me what she believed to be causing the problem and extreme pain (without touching or examining) and then she went to work. For the first time in 2 weeks, I was able to get up and dress myself without any help - but still concerned that it was another 'quick fit' and I'd feel worse in an hour. Well its been 12 hours since I left and I feel no pain or discomfort and am moving around just fine. Thank you Jesus for sending me to her!!! She truly does have 'a kind of magic' gift!! I cannot thank her enough for healing me and saving me from having disc surgery. If I had not tried her out, I would have missed 

out on an amazing experience that has changed my life back to normal. - Tracey G. 

6/10/16 - The best massage I have ever had. She is one of a kind! You will definitely go back for more, just like I did. I'm still smiling. Thanks Cybele! You rock! - Andrea R.

6/7/16 - Amazing... I feel totally revived. - Leigh H. 

6/6/16 - Great, very relaxing! - Jennifer P. 

5/31/16 - Awesome... felt the healing right after :-) highly recommend. - Angela D.  

5/31/16 - Excellent massage! Will book again! - Victoria W.

5/18/16 - The space and atmosphere was fantastic. Was a wonderful experience. - Bruce R. 

5/16/16 - I've had massages, but nothing was like this. It was the best massage ever. Her combination of reflexology and massage was terrific. - Dianne E.  

5/16/16 - Perfect massage overall! Focused on exactly the areas I asked for and used perfect pressure. Very friendly and professional. Will definitely be back! - Corinne P. 

5/10/16 - Very relaxing and healing. - Robert K. 

5/12/16 - Many massages in my lifetime; this is in the top three. - William K. 

5/11/16 - Excellent experience. - Steven M.  

4/28/16 - It was very different from most massages and I appreciate that because it was more like a physical therapy massage session. With all the issues I have with my neck, I couldn't have selected a better place for my massage. The owner is great at her job and seems to really want to help others feel better. I felt so good that I purchase a 3 pack at the end and I cant wait to go back. Thanks Cybele you are awesome. - Andrea R. 

4/10/16 - It was very professional and I felt relaxed and comfortable. I was asked where I was having specific problems and they were worked. - Michael F. 

4/7/16 - Helen loves her geriatric massages and looks forward to them weekly at her nursing home. - Paul  

4/5/16 - I purchased a craniosacral massage, it was one of the best decisions I made. Within minutes, I felt my tension release and my muscle relax! Cybele was awesome and was so in tuned to my body, helping me relax my neck muscles to a point where I haven't been in months! Before leaving, I purchase 3 more sessions, but I told my coworkers that I would probably go every month, as I constantly suffer from sinus problems, and that I noticed a difference that night. Highly recommend A kind of magic massage! - Michelle P. 

3/31/16 - Very relaxing and felt much better with physical/emotional issues.- Heather  

3/21/16 - Other than having difficulty finding you (which will never happen again), the experience was great. So great, in fact, I bought 5 more sessions. - Margaret F. 

3/17/16 - It was the best massage I ever had!!! Cybele is an amazing masseuse, everyone should give her a try, you will not be disappointed. - Charles M. 

3/16/15 - Cybele is an excellent masseuse. She is very knowledgeable about the body, and health in general, and this coupled with her highly skilled hands makes for a wonderful massage experience! - Robert H. 3/15/16 - I enjoyed the treatment and was very relaxed afterwards. I've already scheduled my next appointment to see Cybele! - Hillel R. 

3/12/16 - Excellent! Cybele is very professional and a nice lady. I will return. - Vianney C.  

3/11/16 - She was extremely good at what she does! I felt a difference, and I left in much better spirits than I came in. I was totally relaxed, and she made me very comfortable. I strongly recommend her. - Jeanette V. 

3/10/16 - My gift to my daddy's caregiver was a massage. She absolutely loved her full body massage and can't wait till she has her next one!! - Mirian E. 

2/12/16 - I find Cybele to be welcoming, gracious, professional, and highly skilled. She's an artist. I look forward to my next massage with her. - Gene E. 

2/11/16 - A great massage!! And a very sweet person. Will definitely recommend and go back. - Keithanne 

2/10/16 - Wonderful! I will be there again! - Kathleen M. 

2/8/16 - Very good massage! Quite relaxing which is very difficult for me! Booked my next appointment the same day! - Patricia M. 

2/6/16 - Wonderful and relaxing! - Garnet T. 

1/26/16 - Wonderful, felt at complete ease and actually booked future appointments - Susan F. 

1/25/16 - Cybele was excellent. Best massage I've ever had! I will be returning monthly if not sooner for regular massages! Recommending to all my friends! - Vanessa T. 

1/18/16 - Excellent massage. I would highly recommend Cybele. I have been going to her for years and always receive a great massage - Sal M.

1/15/16 - Wonderful massage and massage theapist.  Great experience - Aquilla E. 

1/12/16 - Great massage, very professional. Thanks Cybele! - Michael S. 

1/6/16 - Wonderful, relaxing, reinvigorating; was able to find all of my tension areas. Quite possibly the most comfortable massage table in the universe! - Amy R. 

12/29/15 - I went with my daughter for a massage. It was fantastic. I went for a back massage on Sept. 17th; I have to go more often - Dan C. 

12/21/15 - Fabulous. Cybele's hands have worked magic for me - Rochelle O. 

12/19/15 - Cybele's location is very inviting and comfortable. She did an excellent job. I love the hot stones and optional aromatherapy oils - Jennifer H. 

12/19/15 - Cybele was outstanding. One of the best massages I have ever had. I will definitely be a returning client!! No hassle. Not in a rush, took her time and was very pleasant and personable. Will recommend her to all - Paul T. 

12/18/15 - Relaxing. This was exactly what I needed after a few stressful weeks. The aromatherapy was perfect to soothe, and all of my stress areas were worked perfectly - David G. 

12/17/15 - The craniosacral was very relaxing! - Samantha L. 

12/16/15 - Awesome! Magic hands that know exactly where to go with the right amount of pressure. Very relaxing - Louis L. 

12/14/15 - This was the best massage I have ever had! Will definitely go back again - Sharon G. 

12/7/15 - It was great, very relaxing and helpful - Elaine B. 

12/1/15 - Absolutely terrific!! Attended to specifically requested areas; great techniques; relaxing environment - Dave W. 

11/5/15 - Excellent massage! Can't wait to go back again! - Kerrie N 

11/3/15 - Excellent and relaxing - Beth P. 

10/28/15 - It's always a wonderful experience! - Sheena R. 

10/26/15 - Cybele was so nice and the massage was amazing! Can't wait to go back - Alexa P. 

9/22/15 - Cybele's massages are really great! She definitely knows what she's doing and takes great care to make you feel comfortable. She releases a lot of tension in the body where you need it with so many different techniques.  Her hands seem to know exactly where all the trouble spots are! Her studio space is really serene and you feel immediate good karma when you enter her room - Cynthia 

9/15/15 - I had a craniosacral session for the first time and loved it. I felt an immediate difference in the way my body carried itself. It was recommended that I do at least 3 treatments which I did; each time got better and better.  A lot of issues in my body have resolved themselves! Thanks Cybele! - Roger 

8/28/15 - I've never had a Reiki session before so decided to give it a try. It was such a peaceful, calming experience. My body's energies shifted and I felt it happening. Cybele has a true gift. Thank you, I will be back - Susan 

7/1/15 - After years of suffering from chronic headaches & migraines, I finally got some relief after seeing Cybele. I believe in long term care, so I go for a massage at least once a month now. Having learned that she suffers from migraines herself, her expertise in this area makes her very compassionate to my problem. She has great craniosacral techniques that she encorporates into the massage, concentrating on stretching my neck muscles and loosening up all areas in my head and skull. I can't thank her enough - Joseph 

5/11/15 - I wanted to thank you for taking on the challenge of working with my daughter who was just 3 weeks old when she had her first session with you. After having her tongue and lip tie corrected with laser surgery, the doctor recommended craniosacral therapy to help retrain her body to nurse properly. After just one session with you, I noticed a complete turn around in, our nursing sessions. I can now nurse her pain free, while before the procedure and her sessions with you, I was in extreme pain and almost ready to switch to pumping and bottle feeding. The other improvement I have noticed is that she is in less pain from gas in her tummy. Since your sessions with her she is able to better pass gas and is in less distress with her digestion. This is a huge relief to a new mommy who couldn't figure out how to help her tiny daughter with her tummy troubles! So thank you so much for being so willing, patient, and capable at handling these issues with the tiniest of clients! Warmly, Valerie 

5/5/15 - I've been seeing Cybele for almost a year now, every 3 weeks, for craniosacral sessions. Its amazing how this seemingly simple treatment helps me so much with my chronic back pain and headaches. I've noticed such an improvement that I don't want to ever stop going! - Karen 

4/18/15 - Between a combination of massages and craniosacral sessions over the past 6 months, Cybele has helped me considerably with chronic pain on my right side, from my neck to down my leg and everywhere in between. I had sciatica issues and chronic back issues and Cybele's skilled hands have healed me, slowly but surely. - Winnie 

3/16/15 - I've been seeing Cybele weekly for massage therapy. I'm 57 and a fitness fanatic. I'm in the gym every day leading a healthy lifestyle. Regular massage treatments really help to flush out lactic acid and ease my sore muscles so I can go back to the gym the next day! Cybele is strong and thorough~ Thanks Cybele - Louis 

1/11/15 - I received my first craniosacral session from you, Cybele on a snowy Saturday morning, approximately one year ago.  It was unforgettable and wonderful. Your hands had more heat than I thought humanly possible.  I never forgot you. I was so excited to find you again.  You are so kind and understanding. I can't wait to see you again, this time for a magic massage. I feel that your hands are capable of heaing any injury. Their heat feels like mother love. I intend to see you on a regular basis, at least once per month. God bless you, Carol Stone 

1/6/15 - Cybele addressed individual needs and is very caring - Emily 

1/3/15 - The massage was one of the best massages I have ever had. I would absolutely recommend this to people and will plan to go back myself. Very knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. BRAVA! - Barbara C. 

1/3/15 - A great, relaxing and informative session with a very knowledgeable masseuse. - Maryann 

12/3/14 - Great, great massage in a wonderful atmosphere. Will definitely go back - Mike 

9/25/14 - Cybele has great technique and uses different modalities to personalize the massage, such as hot stones, etc. Price is the same. - Richard 

9/22/14 - Highly recommend A Kind of Magic Massage Therapy. Can't wait to go back again. - Emile 

9/5/14 - Wonderful massage. She helped relieve tension in my neck and shoulders. I will definitely make another appointment. - Thomas 

7/16/14 - Let me start by saying that I'm like trying to loosen up a rock. I've tried Rolfing to some degree of success but hurt more than I liked for days after a session. I've also tried accupuncture, also with some success. The massage session with Cybele, I think is what I've been looking for. After my first session of 1 hour, I went out and played golf 3 days in a row. I shot my 3 best rounds of the year with each score getting better. I must have been able to move my body with a little more range of motion. I also noticed that I'm able to move my neck from side to side also with an increased range of motion. I went for a 2nd session and will again be playing 3 days in a row. I'll follow up. It's my sense that Cybele has a very good feel for the trouble spots and hopefully she will continue to help me improve.  Vince C. 

7/7/14 - I had a wonderful therapeutic massage, with a knowledgeable, friendly masseuse.  Not a spa atmosphere (and I like it that way). - Sam 

5/9/14 -  I felt that Cybele was very caring and in tune with my ailments. I am going back next week - JoAnn 

4/5/14 - It was a good massage. She has many years of experience, and is a lovely person. - Susan 

3/20/14 - The treatment alleviated most of my back pain in 1 visit. It was an incredible experience.  This is something I will definitely do again. - Karen M. 

2/19/14 - A Kind of Magic is a very apt name.  Cybele has healing hands and I can feel the difference in my body and my stress level every time I go there for a massage. - Lisa S. 

12/5/13 - After just two treatments (1 Reiki and 1 Cranial) with Cybele I saw TREMENDOUS improvement.  I have had hip/back pain on/off for years and have sought many alternative treatments.  Cybele is able to use her intuition and talent to figure out exactly what my body needs.  I am so grateful to have found Cybele and continue gradually progressing each session - Rachel 

7/19/13 - This week I had my 7th weekly Reiki treatment with Cybele.  I was recently diagnosed with metastatic cancer and was interested in using Reiki healing as a supplement to the traditional medical treatment.  After doing some research on the internet I came across A Kind of Magic Massage.  While there are many people in the area who do Reiki, I was interested in Cybele because of her experience in both massage and Reiki.  By the third session I started to feel the positive effects of the Reiki treatments.  My weekly blood tests are improving and the cancer has stopped progressing and is now regressing.  Not only do I feel much better physically after my treatments, I come out with a very positive and hopeful attitude.  Cybele is a very caring and skilled Reiki healer.  She truly cares about my progress and health and is personally vested in my recovery.  Cybele focuses on the areas that are causing me difficulty and pain on that particular week and I can feel the positive energy working to heal the 

affected area.  She has a great amount of knowledge and uses it in a very thoughtful way. I spent an entire day with stress-related pain on one whole side of my back.  After my Reiki treatment that day, the pain and muscle tension was completely gone.  Truly magical!  Reiki is a natural and safe treatment to supplement traditional medical therapies.  Cybele is an extraordinary therapist who has helped me immensely.  I know that with these weekly treatments with Cybele, I am on my well on my way to recovery.  - Renee (RIP Renee) 

6/24/13 - I recently went to have a massage at "A Kind of Magic."  The price was reasonable, and the Valhalla address was convenient.  The owner/massage therapist Cybele was welcoming and warm, and the massage was great! I chose a Swedish massage, with very good results. Cybele found all my tight and sore muscles, and worked out the kinks.  I came away feeling great, and booked my next session.  I recommend Cybele's massage studio highly, and expect to see her often. Bob from Millwood. 

6/14/13 - I discovered the magic of Cybele and glad I did.  I was pleasantly surprised as this was one of the best massages I have ever had. Cybele made me feel very comfortable from the moment I walked in the room which is very comfortable in itself.  Her technique is unique and she provided a nice combination of soothing relaxing strokes, some deep tissue and the hot stones were such an added treat.  I never knew A Kind of Magic was tucked away in Valhalla, but I recommend everyone discovery it for yourself - you won't be disappointed! - Susan C. 

6/6/13 - I get a massage about once a month so I am fairly experienced. Cybele, from "A Kind of Magic Massage" gave me one of the best I ever had.  She was able to customize the massage to pinpoint the target of getting a swedish style massage with some pressure simulating a mix of swedish and deep tissue. She has good strength as well.  In addition, the hot stones were a pleasure. I hate to say it but I fell asleep briefly twice from being so relaxed.  I will return - David H.  

2/12/13 - Cybele is brilliant, just accept it. Her skills and techniques will definitely make you feel great - consider your headaches, neck discomfort or spine pain gone!  Needless to say you'll be completely relaxed after the session - not just the massage itself but also the environment helps.  Will definitely go back and advise anybody to do so - Roman 

1/16/13 - The massage Cybele provides is incredible; her passion radiates from her hands.  Having had massages over the years, believe me, this is as good as it gets.  I always leave the studio feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  I highly recommend her - Shellie 

9/20/12 - Cybele is a gem and a real 'find' for sure.  She is personable, pleasant, an excellent massage therapist and knows how to make you relaxed and feel at ease.  Her studio is super quiet, quaint, nice size room and she plays soft music with waterfalls trickling.  The whole environment makes you immediately feel relaxed!  Her hands are amazing and her techniques even better - give her a try and you won't be able to stay away!! - Sue 

8/4/12 - Headaches, joint pain, surgery issues, stress... Cybele handles it all - worth every penny and she always seems to be running specials which helps out a lot in this economy. - Beth 

6/12/12 - Cybele definitely has 'magic' hands.  She knows right where your problem areas are without you having to even tell her.  She is skilled at getting the knots out in a strong yet gentle manner. I will definitely go back. - Janine 

5/19/12 - Worth the trip and more.  Relaxing, skillful hands put your entire body in a relaxed state that you don't want to get off the table at the end. - Alexandra 

4/4/12 - Today I had my 5th session with this exceptional therapist, Cybele. I am recently diagnosed with relapsing remitting MS and after an episode one year ago, have suffered some defecit on my right lower extremity. I also have peripheral Neuropathy which is separate from the MS.  When I began with Cybele, I was certain I would enjoy her therapy but skeptical about its positive effects on my defects and neuropathy.  My symptoms have shown steady and progressive response to Cybele's efforts and I have improved feeling in my feet, better balance and a lessening in the spasms and pain in my leg.   IT WORKS or should I say Cybele WORKS....her knowledge base is impressive and her innate ability to isolate problem causes and make significant and so far lasting improvements is amazing and so appreciated.......I am looking forward to a long and beneficial relationship with this exceptional therapist and person who has an amazing gift.....thank you Cybele - Richard 

2/12/11 - I have been going to Cybele for a while now and she is a true professional who has the unique ability to customize the various techniques of massage therapy and apply them to your specific needs. Her location is easy to find with ample parking and her studio is clean, quiet and professional complete with her certificates, degree and her license on the wall. The heated table is awesome and she uses music and candles to enhance the experience. I especially love the hot stone therapy. Cybele is cheerful, understanding and always exceeds expectations.  With all the daily stresses of life and work, I have become a regular weekly client who really appreciates and looks forward to a time of pure bliss and relaxation.  Cybele is so wonderful that my wife tried her and she now goes weekly as well.  Cybele was able to help lessen her shoulder pain and increase her range of motion caused by a degenerative disease to helping her relax and sleep better.  Take it from my wife and I, Cybele has the Best hands in the area so book an appointment and go see for yourself. - John R. 

12/29/11 - I finally had time to go see Cybele and it was well worth it.  She does an amazing job at relaxing you.  I would have stayed all day if she let me.  It was a cold day but her studio was warm and inviting.  The table was nice and warm and she was able to remove the stiffness and pain I had in my neck.  She had a firm but gentle touch that melted my stress away. The hot stone massage felt great.  I can’t wait to go back and see her again. – Mark 

10/26/11 - I highly recommend Cybele.  I've been going to her for years now, I think since 2004. She is always cheerful and exceeds my expectations.  She is thorough and takes the time to talk with me about my specific needs, whether it's my back or neck or whichever at the time its bothering me more and she concentrates there first. After the session I feel soooo much better.  The location is easy to find, safe and comfortable.  Very nice atmosphere.  Music and candles added to the experience and the heated table is awesome.  Soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend her and plan on going back every chance I get.  Its like i get a kink in my back and i know its time to see her again.  I can't say anything but great things about her. - Tony 

9/27/11 - Amazing. Felt like I could float on air after massage. Was so stressed and left feeling amazing. She is a beautiful person. Can’t wait to see her again.  Massage was so relaxing. She listened to me and made me feel at ease I left feeling like a new person. I would highly recommend her to anyone.  Thank you for the wonderful service. I just did not want to leave. My back and knee feel like a million bucks!! - Moe 

9/1/11 - Cybele is a wonderful person and has magical touch in her hands. The strength in her hands is amazing and the gentle touch as well. She listens to you as to where you hurt neck back arms or legs whatever ails you. And I can’t say enough to tell how good she is, she's just wonderful and she gives you 110% all the time when your there and if you need to vent because you had a bad day she listen to you as well just an all around great person I'd recommend her equally for first-time and experienced massage clients. - Michael 

6/2/11 - I needed a perfect vacation from reality and Cybele more than provided it.  It was an excellent massage and more importantly, although it was the first time seeing her it felt like I'd known her forever, she's got a very caring vibe and the atmosphere she created was definitely warm and nurturing.  I'd recommend her equally for first-time and experienced massage clients. - Tom 

5/17/11 - I highly recommend Cybele. She was great and exceeded expectations. She was thorough and took the time to speak to my about specific concerns. After the session I felt soooo much better. The location was easy to find, safe and comfortable. Very nice atmosphere. Music and candles added to the experience and the heated table was awesome. Soothing and relaxing. I highly recommend her and plan on going back soon! 

4/25/11 - Cybele is the best!! I'm a repeat client and that says it all!! Bad back problems and she cures me every time!! Thank you Cybele!! - Mike  

3/2/11 - When I came into Cybele's office i was tired, stressed and had chronic pain in my lower back.  I left feeling like a switch had been turned off.  I have been back for following ups and always left feeling new!!  Joel  

10/1/2010 - Upon arrival to the office I could barely get up the flight of stairs due to intense pain in my back, leg, and ankle.  I went in crooked, tense, stressed, and in a great deal of pain.  I came out relaxed, walking straight, and the pain all but dissappeared.  I walked down the stairs normally and felt like I had entered a new world. There is MAGIC in those HANDS!  I will return as often as I need to.  The 90 minute session was awesome, totally relaxing, the stress and pain melted away, a true professional who knows the various technigues of therapy and how to apply them to your specific needs. - Larry P. 

8/30/10 - If you've just had a hard couple of weeks of working out and you know you've been ignoring your body then Cybele can massage it back into place. I push my body very hard for training for triathlons (all distances) and Cybele will loosen those muscle's back up. My problem areas were taken care of. Even got some good recommendations for bath salts.  I will continue to get Cybele to work on my knotty areas and have no issue recommending her services. Very professional, and qualified.   I am a USAT coach and will recommend Cybele to my fellow colleagues.  Thanks again, Stephen 

5/10/10 - Best Massage Therapist I have ever had, Hands Down. Cybele is a professional with a great personality and an awesome technique. She is ultra friendly so when you visit she makes you feel at ease. I have had issues with my back after surgery and have seen numerous therapists but known compare to Cybele. Her new location is great. Parking is free and her studio is big and cozy. Very clean too. I have been a client for years and never ever had an issue with the quality of her service. Thanks Cybele - Bill 

5/3/10 - I have only been a client of Cybele's for a short time but I can honestly say she provides the best massage and hot stone work of any massage therapist I have every been to and I plan on making the commute from Rockland Country to see her at least twice a month. The massage studio is quiet and relaxing and her attention to detail leaves you feeling relaxed and ready to conquer your everyday life. I have already recommended her to several friends and look forward to my next appointment.  Michael - Rockland County 

2/19/10- This was the first time I had a massage from Cybele. It was awesome! It felt so good during and after I left I coulndn"t wait to go back. Her hands and the hot stones felt amazing. I felt so relaxed in her hands and I can't wait to go back and see her again and again. -Mike T 

2/10/10 - Cybele's new location is great - a beautiful large office suite in the center of Valhalla, very easy to get to.  Cybele is careful to try to provide her clients with the most quiet, tranquil environment and she has succeeded quite well in doing this.  You wont be disappointed with your massage, at all!! - Tony V. 

12/22/10 - This was one of the best massages I have had in a long time. The session was a full hour, I was totally relaxed and felt like I was floating in air. Any back or neck pain was totally gone. Cybele is friendly and makes you feel very comfortable. I usually do not post reviews but she was exceptional. There are so many massage therapists out there that claim to give great massages, but Cybele is the real deal. I would definitely recommend Cybele for a great massage. - Charlie K. 

12/14/10 - Wow when i got there i was greeted so nicely. The aroma candles set the tone and i told her where my pain was and she worked her magic. It was great I did not want to leave. This is no scam place either! and its' clean i'm very picky, so i shall return. - Christina W. 

12/09/10 - Been seeing Cybele for over a year now. Very clean & serene, nice music of my choice, fantastic hands, fantastic stones, combines many styles of massage to give you an unprecedented hour of bliss. On occasion I have also extended that session to an hour and a half.  Best hands in the area I've come across but don't listen to me, book an appointment and go see for yourself.  - Chris B. 

11/15/09 - True to her Company's name, Cybele's massage is magical. She absolutely understands the human body and provides both a therapeutic and relaxing experience. An added benefit is that she is really pleasant to talk to and can converse on any number of subjects. I have had many massages, but the others pale in comparison to the experience Cybele offers. I highly recommend her!  - Denise M. 

10/22/09 - There is no comparison. Cybele is unequalled. I'm partial to hot stone therapy, I have had many, all good, but the therapy I received at Cybele's studio is without question the best I have received anywhere. Her technique is only outdone by her caring and sensitive nature. While you are in session her only priority is making sure you are completely comfortable and at the same time getting the best possible massage available. Her hands are amazing, firm and strong yet soft and healing.  Contact Cybele, you will be healthier for doing so. - Paul from White Plains. 

10/6/09 - Cybele is a wonderful massage therapist. She has a great touch and knows how to get out the knots and yet relax you at the same time. I have fallen asleep many a time on the table while under her amazing hands... I have been a client of hers for many years and have referred her a lot of business, which is turn, she gives her thanks by giving me a free extra 15 mins added to my massage. Give her a try you won't be sorry.  - Steve 

2/22/09 - Cybele is familiar with many modalities and is not locked into "one-size-fits-all". She will work with whatever area is giving you difficulty.  An  important aspect is the emotional state of the person receiving massage; often emotional difficulties find their expression in problems in the body. With Cybele, you can feel free to express whatever comes to your mind, no matter how fleeting or "stupid." Letting go of the difficulties in your life will provide the setting for resolving that knot in your back or the stiffness in your neck. She is a very sympathetic listener.  - Gerry 

10/13/08 - This was the most relaxing massage every recieved. I've suffered from back pains for many years, and I felt like a new man after my first massage session. My whole body felt younger. The session was a full hour, and you feel like a new person from head to toe. It not only comes highly recommeded, but I can't wait for my next session. Cybele is a great person, and was fun to talk to during the hour long massage. She asks many meaningful questions about health and well being. She is a master of her trade. It's been 3 days since my first session and I have had great nights sleep each evening which is a testiment to how good Cybele is. - Joe Anderson 

10/19/08 - Cybele has been my massage therapist for 3 1/2 years now. I am a Firefighter instructor, and get my share of bumps and bruises. She has a excellent method of massage; hot stones, shiatsu and reflexology, that can put you back in working order in no time.She is what I would call the "genuine article" Her studio is a place where soothing music plays softly in the background and has a relaxing atmosphere. She is also the consummate professional as well, on her studio wall hangs her certificates and degree as well as her license. My advice is to book and hour with her to see for yourself, and I can promise, you will not be disappointed. - Joe P.